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Center for the Exploration of New Territories of Experimental Realities

Le Centre

Le Centre

XR (eXtended Reality) PLATFORM

Immersive portal dedicated to arts and culture


Experiments, collaborations and productions

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Le centre

Immersive virtual reality portal (metaverse) dedicated to art and culture, for artists, their exhibitors and their distributors.

Le Centre is a unique space hidden in an urban environment.
Artistic friche of 6000m² and its poplar woods, set on a small island surrounded by 2 rivers in the heart of the Berry region, Le Centre is a home for artists and contemporary creation. But this is also a place where an immersive platform (a VR - virtual reality - hub) is being developed, a portal thanks to which artistic and culture makers can give a 3rd dimension to their collections and exhibitions.

By developing and pooling their own 3D universes for the arts and venues, Le Centre is creating a hub allowing audiences and venues to meet in immersive, inventive and participatory spaces.

Still in laboratory mode, an Alpha version is being finalized and will be available at the end of 2023 for professionals.

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